August 24, 2011

Tuscany day 7 and 8

Day 7 was spent at the hotel, reading and just relaxing. Trying to hold on to my money so I ended up eating lunch at Ikea...:)

Day 8: One of the things I needed to do or wanted to see I should say is to drive through the Chianti region. I love wine...and to have come to Tuscany and not see that part, would just be dreadful. ;-)

So I packed the car with snacks and water and headed out to drive the "old" road, not the express highway that went along side it. It isn't "old" just very scenic and a beautiful road too. You drive right between the vineyards and have little pitoresque towns that you can stop and take a break if you will.

There were wineyards left and right of the road

My trustworthy friend that made some aweful noises at times but brought me
to where I wanted to go. :)

Stopped in Chastellina in Chianti for lunch and they had
beautiful number plaques on the houses.
The photo above were taken from the town out towards the fields

On my way back after a 3 hour long drive on the scenic route
I stopped in San Gimignano and had icecream

The people in the above photo were waiting in line to get
ice-cream!!! I kid you not...the line was long!
Miss Smartypants here wandered down a bit on the same
street and found a ice-cream parlor that didn't have that
long line...
Believe this day was the hottest of them all and my body felt it too. Up to about 40 degrees Celsius, I can tell that the A.C in the car was more than welcoming! :)

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