December 9, 2013


I haven't been very nice to my camera has sadly been collecting a wee bit of dust.
It is sad, I know! Hopefully "it" won't be to harsh on me... :)

I got asked to help out with some christmas photos this weekend and it had me look back in my archives a bit and found some treasures.

Makes me really want to pick the camera up more. Yes...I have a thing for capturing faces and expressions. Capturing the soul itself. :)
These are just a few that has been taken this year, have so much more to go through. (Another thing I have been slacking in recently)

Onward and upward right?!? :)

November 13, 2013

Chocolate cheesecake

My first attempt to a big cheesecake and I am soo happy with the results! :) didn't last long in my kitchen :)

English version

Swedish version


September 17, 2013

bedroom makeover part 2

this makeover will be a long one it seems. Both due to the fact it is hard to find the pieces I want and my budget is limited. :)

But I did go on a little shoppingspree a week ago and found these:

 A new bedsidelamp which I love, now I just need to get some height to the chrome stool it stands on to give it more "umph".

 One of the bedsidetable ideas i had was getting a traytable, but never got around to it. Well I have one but needed to build a new base to get it to the height I mojo disappeard. :)
Instead I found these two trunks that are not only nice to look at, they serve as storage aswell. :)
I just moved the other bedsidelamp I had before to this side, am still searching for one more lamp.

And since they had such a good deal on it I bought this floorstand lamp too. :):)
So now all I need to do is get rid of my ceilinglamp and the look is almost complete for the room.
The end is close but then again not.

September 12, 2013

being creative....

I went shopping for a bedsidelamp the other day and came out with a Little bit more than I thought...;)

Found this tray storage thingy that i just loved, had an idea and well this is how it went....

The Before shot

 The list of characters that I bought and found in my stash at home :)

...and with a Little time and love and some creativity I created a sweet landscape of fall...

Added some more flowers yesterday to it :)

September 3, 2013

my summer favorite

the time between these posts are ridiculously long...sorry about that.

Going to try my best to get the posts on here more regularly from now on...:)

I did celebrate my birthday this summer and one of gifts was this one:
a castiron pot from Le love it! Perfect size to.
I have a oval one from before....Picture below:

really like cooking in these, anything from soups, stews...bolognese! :)