August 16, 2011

Tuscany day 5 and 6

Day 5 was spent at the pool by the hotel. The day in Pisa took its toll and made my body complain in agony and begged to stay at the pool... ;)

So of course I obeyd and did just that.

Day 6 I took a drive to a nearby town called Vinci, Leonardo Da Vinci's homeplace. A really pitoresque town and pretty. Did the centre of town first and the 2 museums there were and then walked up the hill to see his birthplace.
In hindsight I wished I would have taken my rental car...boy it was hot that day.
3,5 km and HOT HOT HOT outside and all uphill and not the very best road...sums up to a very stupid thing to do. Don't think I have been panting for air like I did...
But it was somewhat worth it....the scenery was beautiful and I found a hotel I want to stay in the next time I venture back to Tuscany.

Here are a few photos from that day:

Vinci square

Leonardo Da Vinci's house

Love their houseplaques and witnessed a wedding ceremony too..

Above: Vinci is surrounded by vineyards and Olivegroves
Below: Vinci's house from the road

Hotel I want to stay in and beautiful flowers in town

Left: Road I walked on to get to Vinci's house....
Right: View of City Centre

various plaques around Vinci's house

Ended the day watching the sunset by the hotel while taking a leisurly walk in the chill evening air....

Stay tuned for day 7