August 5, 2011

Italy day Three

On the third day in tuscany I took the train to Florence. Love Love that city!!!!

Since I have been there before I didn't go and see all the sights, my main goal where to go and see the Uffizi gallery. Didn't go there last time...wonder why...hmm...
Anyway I stood in line for 2 hours....and can now say that I saw it! :)
After that I walked around town, had icecream at Vivoli's...yum! Stumbled across a bookstore that sold english written books (didn't have time to buy one at the airport), bought two and sat down at a Piazza near Palazzo Vecchio.
Had dinner at a little restaurant near the Duomo and had ever! Splurged and even had Tiramizu for dessert...*sigh*

Here are a few photos from that day:

Ponte vecchio from the Uffizi gallery

A mural from one of the hallways in the Uffizi gallery

Love how the raingutters were decorated...Bella Italiana...:)

these where all over aswell

The perfect man according to Leonardo Da Vinci

Strolling around town and turned around and saw this...LOVE it!

Transportation....key word in italy

while waiting in line for the Uffizi gallery I took some
photos of statues across the road

either it is well built or it will come down
with the next strong wind.....
By the end of the third day I was really tired, my shoulders screamed in pain for carrying my baby (camerabag) and all I wanted to do was taking a shower to cool off! Strongly suggest that you visit italy in spring or autumn....summer is for it??! :)

Stay tuned for day 4 and 5