August 14, 2011

Tuscany day 4

On day four I went for a drive to Pisa and spent my birthday there. It was a hot one let me tell you so there weren't a lot of walking around that day. But had a wonderful Birthday! :)

Planned on walking up the tower...but the heat and the steps combined put my mind said not to. And when I saw the line for it I was sooo pleased with my decision.

<> <> <> <>
Seeing this view after a 20 min walk to get here was breathtaking.
Here is a mini model on the Piazza

<> <>
I fled the scorching sun and ventured into the Sancturary/Cemetery
and enjoyed the quiet and coolness of it.

<> <>
I was basically walking on the headstones...kind of weird and creepy,
but still very beautiful.

and then you saw some of these headstones and it went very creepy again...
and this was the more friendly of the many

The day led to its end and I was more than satisfied to return to the car and switch on the A.C for the drive back to the hotel. Drove by fields of sunflowers and dreamt my way home.

Stay tuned for day 5 and 6

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