August 2, 2011

I am back!!! :)

I know, I has been oh so quiet over here for a looooong time! Sorry about that...
So much has been going on and it has been hectic and stressful for a while.

I took a vacation to celebrate my birthday in july. Took of for 11 days to Tuscany all by myself. A vacation I had planned for a year and the important part...a relaxing one too! :)
Thought that 11 days by myself would do me good but after 6 days I longed for the company to share my experiences with, lesson learned til next time I guess.

After those 2 weeks abroad I came home and well the last 2 weeks have been flying by quickly. Getting back into normal routines and going back to work has been a drag. Which means that time here has been sparse, to nothing.

Still haven't gone through all my photos from my trip but I have the first and second day to show for.

View from the main hotel

Bunch of olive trees growing all around the hotel

olive groves in plenty surrounding the hotel

love these trees...soo tuscany

Major thing on deciding which hotel...spent a few days by the pool to
kill some days.

another view further down the road

Sunflower fields, although these deperatly wanted water

The first day I drove 2 hours to the hotel, located a grocerystore and crashed in the room. The second day it rained on and off so I drove around the town I stayed in to get my bearings.
The best part was to drive and looking out the window looking at the scenery. Stayed about 30 min outside of Florence so I was surrounded with vineyards from the Chianti region.
Soo going back...:)

Stay tuned for more photos and adventures...