About me

A worldwide traveler of sorts who loves Photography, food, Crafts and everything inbetween.
This blog was created first to connect with family and friends abroad, which it still is but has become so much more. This has become a diary of sorts, a file cabinet, a memory box....well whatever you can think of.

I am born Swedish and live in Sweden, but write mostly in english.
Weird....some would say. :)
But I write in english for a reason. This blog as I wrote above was mainly for my family and friends abroad to see what is happening in my life. And they are (most of them) english spoken so to make it easier for them I write in english. However sometimes I do write in swedish, rarely not often.

Here you will find favorite recipes, tips and ideas for crafting, things about my life and family, travels and so much more.

....so go and explore....

 ♥ Mikaela