July 20, 2010


For the last few weeks I have actually done a few layouts. I have a ton of photos left to do, but taking it slow. Most of you might remember a post I did about a calendar, check link here.

Anyway in that calendar i didn't really get to have many photos to document that year. So I thought why not add more individual layouts to each month. (I know...why not think of this earlier?!)

So here are a few I have done so far. Some are for last year and for this year.

The idea is that each layout will be filed after that month the photos were taken.
Below is a recap of the calendar design that I later put into a album.

Photo above is for 2009 and is a easy way to document your months and later years. Am currently also working on my 2010 photos, that will replace the layout on my calendar for that month.

This is for me less stressful and I can (after i am done with each monthly layout) grab a handful of photos and scrap away. No pressure in doing them cronological either.