January 16, 2010

inspiration found...

Can say that Scrapbooking hasn't been a top priority for me the last few months. Just haven't found the inspiration to do anything at all.
Finished the 2008 year in review album just before christmas last year and thought that was an achievment in its own. Struggling to keep up and catch up to the current year I was in, but somehow I never seemed to get close. So for last years Year in Review album I thought long and hard on how to do it quick and easy! You know to catch up...:)

So after days of thinking I couldn't think on anything so I went on a inspiration quest. Looked at what I had here at home, and found this calendar that you make yourself laying in one of my cupboards of stuff. I remember buying it like 3 years ago, thinking this would be cool to have and a project to do. But my scrooge side took over and I wanted to make the most of the calendar since it cost a lot. And it eventually moved into the cupboard and have stayed there until last fall, when I first discovered it. Thought long and hard and came up with an idea to re-use it for the following years!! So a visit to our local "home-depot" and the quest was moving...purchased a few things to make it work and than that also moved into the cupboard.

Hmm....maybe should do deep cleaning in that cupboard to see what else is in there...:))

But anyway a few weeks ago I decided to do something about this problem and took out everything and assembled it and made it ready for the layouts....which I stared with a week ago.

And....today I am done with it!!!! YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been a really quick and easy project that I will keep up for next year and the years after....I think.

below are a few samples on how it looks...

Each month has the same layout but different pattern papers and background cardstock. The photos are 3x3" and are just handpicked on what was going on that month. The calendar itself is actually what is going on this year, but will make last year when the year is over and then slip them in a album. the calendar part has an overlay on top with a brad to hold it in place. This way I will just switch it out when the year is over with new ones.

Now onto other projects....:))

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