July 23, 2010

Red light

A few years ago, I and a few of my friends went to the movies. Which is not something which is outbreaking news, since we do that a lot. But that time around was a first for me on a whole different level. We decided to watch "Under the Tuscan Sun", which I myself loved since I had just come from Italy a few months before that and enjoyed every minute of it.

(plus I understood when they talked in Italian)

The "first" thing for me is that I or we got "shushed" and we got these discreet looks from fellow moviegoers.
It was and still is the only time I have ever been "shushed" at in the theater...never have that happened before or after for that fact. And those who know me knows how I act in the theatre, I am usually the one that does the "shushing"!! Interesting how life turns....
To this day I still don't know what or why we were being "shushed".
Marion and Pille, do you remember??!

Anyway the movie is fantastic and if you have ever wanted to go to Italy then this is oh so inspiring and will give you that kick in the but to make the move to do so.

(says she who have been longing to go back for 6 years now)

That is another story for later....now onto why I wanted to write this post and share with you.

In the movie there is a scene where Francis (the lead actresss) and Marcello (the hunky italian dude) sits in a car driving to a town named Positano. As most knows...Italians and driving don't really go hand in hand. Or they do but in a very chaotic and loud way...
Here is how the scene goes:

Frances: Do traffic lights mean anything around here?

Marcello: Sure. Green light - avanti, avanti. Yellow light - decoration.

Frances: What about red light?

Marcello: Just a suggestion.

If you have been in Italy then you know this is soooo true! I still smile whenever I hear it.

Will leave you with the fields of Sunflowers and may you dream of Tuscany tonight....

(photosource for all photos: google)