July 26, 2012

The trip part 2- Antietam battlefield

I am a history buff true to heart. Just love it! I can spend days touring and getting into the vibe so to speak. And whenever I do get over to the States I at least incorporate some kind of history to it, since it is full of it.

This year Rene and I took a mini getaway to go to Gettysburg, and did a detour around Sharpsburg, Maryland. I had never heard of it before but am glad we went.

It was a selfguided tour by car and you had different landmarks where to stop. The map above gives you a idea of the tour.

First of was the visitors center (above) and a little guided tour inside and around the house. The view from there were spectacular.

We visited the house of Clara barton, who was the first president of the American Red Cross.
We took a little walk along the cornfield trail...which ended up taking us way back to the visitor center if we didn't take a shortcut....

...that shortcut cut right next to a big strong Bull, who didn't exactly give us the friendly eye!
His ladies however liked that we walked by, desperate for some attention :)
the picture above to the righ, is called the Bloody lane. Here about 5000 men were killed in just a few hours...hard to believe.

Now when we arrived to Antietam, we saw this field of sheep. My words:
"Oh look at the cute sheep"
A little later....we came across the sign above to the left. My words:
"Ugh...ohhh noooo, this will forever change my view of sheep!"
I think Rene laughed til she dropped...my poor image just went bloody...:(

Call me morbid or what, but I love cemetary's...not at night but during daylight. :)
This one was really pretty when the sun was setting. I feel them to be calm and sanctuary.

The view from the watchtower over parts of the cemetary.

Now we got some recommendations for dinner at the visitor center and figure we need to try it out.
So we set out to find this little café. We were in Sharpsburg, Maryland...Rene typed in the adress and off we went...and not finding the place. I think I drove every little street this town had for a good 30 minutes until I pulled over and looked at the address Rene had typed in.
Well the address were right, however it was supposed to be Shepardstown West Virginia not Sharpsburg in Maryland. So of we went...and I literally had a dejá vu! (a few years back after a wrong turn we went to Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia in a matter of 15 minutes! :))

Anywho, we got there and it was so cute. Loved the decor, a but quaint and rustic but very charming.
The waitress had us try a cucumber bruschetta....OH MY....soooo YUMMY! It was so good, my mouth was watering after that. We devoured the food soo fast that we didn't have time to take a picture of it. :) The dessert was good too, a lemon raspberry cheesecake! (starting to get hungry now)

After dinner it was back to the hotel and crash for the next adventure.....