July 27, 2012

The trip part 3 - Gettysburg national cemetary

The last stop in our little getaway was the Gettysburg Battlefield. We didn't have enough time to tour the entire battlefield so we did the visitor center and the national cemetary. And for me it was just enough for that day. :)

In the visitor center we got to listen to the story of the whole battle in the cupola. Very touching and nice to get a glance on where it took place.

While we were waiting for our tourguide for the cemetary, I took some shots in the field around us.

The entrance and our group, our guide is the one infront in the green shirt. He was the best guide I have listened to, very precise and funny. :)

The podium were used for different speakers on memorials and such. Kind of misplaced but somehow fit. The fence were actually the same fence that went around the White House at the time of the Civil War. Although it didn't get to the Cemetary until the 1980's I think. But still a neat little story that makes it all come together.

Our guide told us that after the war they designed the Cemetary with the help of a landscaper. The dead bodies were placed by which state they belonged to and buried as such.

Photo above is the old visitor center, which became to small to occupy the visitors and that is when they started building the new one. I tell you, it looked like a red barn when we drove up! :) Probably 3 times bigger than the old one.

If you haven't gone I suggest you should, I will definetly go again and take in the whole park and its history.

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