July 22, 2012

The trip part 1

We stayed at the beach when I went over to the states in april. One glorious week in Virginia Beach, didn't stay in one of my all time favourite places (the Cavalier)...but the cabin came pretty close! :)

here are a few of many photos I took during that stay:

We took a windy walk at the nearby birdsanctuary, and not seeing any birds :) But is was beautiful.

The sign in the above photo was from the first restaurants we ate at coming down to Virginia Beach.
We made fires pretty much every single day, and I got to eat at my favourite restaurant ever..EAT! :)

Daily walks on the beach were mandatory since we lived so close! Brisk and windy but very peaceful, even had the company of a flock of pelicans too. And we saw a few of our next choices of houses to stay in...right on the beachfront. SOoooo pretty! :)

That is our house...the crowd pleaser. Really cool, I liked it a lot. The groupshot is of everyone that was staying at the cabin the entire week.

I had a great time, met some great friends and reconnected with myself a bit.

Stay tune for part 2