June 24, 2012

Life, just as it is

A part of me really wants to be back on the beach and just take each day just as it is. Like you are supposed to when  you are on vacation. :)

Have been a few funky weeks and have had lots on my mind. The list of things do do around here never really got crossed out or done and throw everything else in the mix, I basically just zoomed out.
I injured my back at one point to, or it has been a growing pain and finally I just had it and made up my mind to do something about it.

Getting back on track slowly but surely, been visiting a masseuse/chiropractor/physical therapist for 2 weeks now for backpains and it seems to be helping.

I am almost done with the beach photos from april (yes I know it is almost july) and will post them as soon as I can.

Hoping that the sun will shine wherever you are (we have a lack of that over here...)