March 14, 2012

WildChild #2 is one year older

This monday WildChild #2 turned 3 years old!!
We all gathered and celebrated him this past weekend.

A funfilled and packed couple of hours with lots of gifts and sweets.

(warning photo overload up next)

amongst the presents were a racecar and he wouldn't
leave it for a second! (he was aiming for me in this photo, I was
laying on my stomach on the ground and had to move fast)

Inbetween riding the racecar he was dreading the ballons and
of course his sister couldn't help but not throw them around ;)

Turning Three is an ordeal! Here he got upset when we cut the cake.
The "lightening McQueen" picture got torned...
Not sure how he wanted us to eat the cake otherwise...;)

the cake right before it got eaten....

all I asked for was a normal close together photo, showing how
dearly they love eachother as brothers. This is what I got!....:)

WildChild #1 is in a fase where she can't act normal infront of the camera.
Could it be because she is related to the people in the photo above??! ;)
Anyway, we tried everything....and in the came down to plain ole Bribery!!

Check out WildChild #1's face...somewhat happy.

nope not having it

seriously not having it.
The second after she smiled like a candycane!

Got one decent one of us all together...WildChild #1 with me and my brother.

All in all, I got a few decent shots in and my brother did a splendid job on the groupshots! :)