March 12, 2012

The "Pad" as it is now

Okay so I promised some photos of the new pad when I got organized and such.
Well...not quite organized yet and it may take me some time, so I figure that I'll just show you "the Pad" as it is right now.

So with no further ado:

My Office corner in the bedroom. Looks very black and grey right now,
will add a splash of color later on.

The frames and artwork is to be hung on the bare walls at some point.
Right know I have no idea on how I want it so I'll just wait with that for a while. :)

Kitchen space with the not so great flooring, hoping it will look better when
they install the new floor in the hallway tomorrow. (probably not)
The cakestand is a new addition to my collection and no....that is not how

I want to display my fruit...they kind of just got put there for now.
The lamp above the table needs to be moved into the center and is going
to be replaced. (a project I will try later on)

Bedroom (the other half of it)
The wall above the headbord needs something...not sure what yet.

The Livingroom all done! the lamp is just temporary until I find a new one.
Saw one that I liked but a bit pricy...
Í want to replace the sofa with a 3-seater and 2 chairs. I really want a leather chair,
think english library style...sort of.

The clock next to the cabinets is going to be hung on the wall
above the tv, just need some more clocks to complete my vision. :)
The little lamp next to the cabinets is in the future going to be put on a side coffeatable.
And maybe be replaced with something bigger!
So there it is, with all the chaos and what not! :)

Hope your weekend was great!