March 16, 2012


So finally it seems that Spring is here! Although with me saying that I probably just jinxed it! :)

Anyway, I have the weekend off and it is sooo nice. Going to putter around the home for a change and maybe make some holes in the walls and such.
And maybe just maybe dream a little of what I want to get...interiorwise.

here is a list of things i am thinking of getting in the future:

a vinyl chalkboard!! Thinking of dressing one of my doors in the hallway
with this! What do you think??

love these storage canisters! And with chalkboard..;)

Would look good in my future design wall! ;)

COOL!!!!! Me like a lot!!

and why not...a inside joke between me and a great friend! :)
So all I need to do is bring in the cash and get started...not that hard, right?! ;)
I will just have to do it a little at a time.
Images are found here, here and here

Enjoy the beautiful weather!
Happy weekend