February 19, 2012

All moved out....

I am finally all moved out and all moved in. Yesterday was one loooonnnggg day!
Woke up at 5 am (yes by myself not a alarm set or anything) and couldn't sleep.
Refused to get up I layed there playing the day in my head and by 6 am I got my hiney up and got ready for the move. Drove a few turns with the car before picking my brother up from the trainstation.

Byt 10 am the crew arrived and we started a organized chaos. :)
So thankful for all the help I got both from little ones and grown-ups.

Here is a blueprint of the apartment:

kitchen wall before painting/or during I should say.

Kitchen seen from the doorway

bedroom seen from the door. (walk-in closet to the right off photo)

Walk-in closet before makeover

Hallway from the entrance. Kitchen straight in front, bedroom to the right
and livingroom to the left. Bathroom is also to the left but not shown above.

entranceway shot from the kitchen doorway. The white
door is the bathroom. (not showing a photo of that...weird choice of floor tiles.

closet of the entranceway before picture

another closet between the kitchen and livingroom.
also a before shot

those photos are a before shot of the rooms. Livingroom I only have a during and after shot of but that will wait until later. I spent a week painting, wallpapering and scrubbing floors.

Slowly getting my bearings, have a few bags to unpack and closets to organize. ( kind of shoved stuff in there for the move yesterday and need to go through it all.)

Will post more photos later on when I get things done.

Here is a photo of what is leftover after a move:

Plenty of moving boxes!!!

Happy sunday to you all. :)

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