February 9, 2012

wall inspirations and so much more

Since I am in the process of painting, wallpapering and what not in my new flat I am going on a hiatus for a week or so. No internet connection in either one apartments during this time so posting will be scarce.
But that doesn't say a girl can dream about all the things she would like, right?

Well...a good and bad thing is that i love Pottery Barn. Fell in love with it when i lived in the States a few (read many) years ago. Whenever I go back for a visit (almost every year) I always end up in one of their stores and oh my oh my....bad thing if I had it near where I live, is that I would go bankrupt! Good thing it isn't near me! Ha...:)

Anyway I have been dreaming of what to do with my walls at the new place and here is some inspirations that I really like.

would love this, maybe in my office section in the bedroom...

gorgeous....a nice piece for my collection

and this too...

not so fond of the green bits but I like the idea.

Love this type of picture hanging. Clean neat and studio like.
Would love it in my entryway!

so like this display of vintage...
Will post when I am set up and organized.
If you are bored why not go and check out one of my recipes for some inspirations....:)

Until next time....