February 24, 2012

the neverending story.....

I am slowly putting everything back in its own place. I did emty almost all of the movingboxes the sunday after the move. Then I discovered all the bags shoved in the closets....and I gave a big sigh and closed the doors! Been concentrating on finishing the old place for the inspection on monday and tomorrow is the final day there, a whole day to clean. (don't feel like it...any takers??!)

Today I moved and re-organized my hallway, cleared it out so I didn't have to take a labyrinth way to the bathroom. Which only lasted an hour or so...I then moved the stuff I need to put down in my storage unit and the stuff I am taking to the dump.

Leaving you with a photo of my finished wall in the kitchen. Ignore all the stuff on the table...trust me it is cleared by now.

Have a good weekend