January 17, 2012

Placecards and Napkinringholders

I got a question from my best friend asking if I would help her with some things for her son's Baptism. Of course I said yes...the answer no wasn't even heard of...:)

I did the placecards and napkinring holders for the reception afterwards. The guideline was something boyish (she has 2 girls already)...that was all I got!! So the only thing that would stop me was my own fantasy. Anyway I wanted to stay away from the traditional "baby blue" and go for more "cool".

And here is what I came up with:

simple design and real easy to make

took the shot before I glued the black strip to a circle.
It took me to evenings to do, maybe 3 hours in total.

Fun and simple craft that don't cost that much. I used about 3-5 cardstocks, 1 pattern paper and some glitterglue.

have fun...