January 18, 2012

Christmas 2011 part 2

the second and final part of christmas celebrations.
I apologize beforehand for some of the sucky photos, somehow I never got around to change the settings as the evening went on. (lesson #1 always check your settings)

we did some dancing and twirling, and cuddling with the cutest dog ever

When santa arrived even the adults had to sit in his lap and give him a kiss on the cheek.

We had spiced wine as a welcome drink and WildChild #2 showed off his skills
with the new chainsaw toy he got for christmas. (he tried to cap off my brothers leg shown above)

Tried some photoshoots inbetween everything

we experienced mayhem and tranquility :)
above photo is mayhem
and bottom one is tranquility

Even though Santa was big thing all evening, WildChild#1 didn't
quite like the idea of shaking his hand.
Santa however really liked his drink....(Whiskey) ;)

WildChild #1 was a bit afraid of approaching the Santa,
but WildChild #2 stood in waiting eying the bag the entire time.
The best part this Christmas was when Santa ate the porridge!
See WildChild#1 had her doubts about Santa being real and all, sure she was right but we wanted her to believe just a little bit longer. She had her eye that it could be her uncle...
So as a tradition we set out a bowl of porridge for Santa on the stoop (outside steps...think it is the word), and we carried on inside. After a while she wanted to see if Santa had eaten the porridge, patience isn't her virtue at all. And low and behold...the bowl was empty, don't think I have seen such an exited face ever. Little did she know that we let out the dog (photo above) when she was distracted, and well...her nose ended up in the bowl.

So we bought ourselves another year for this litte WildChild! :)