January 15, 2012

Christmas 2011 part 1

I  know...a tad bit late right?! Oh well...the story of my life! ;)

Anywho...Christmas came and went pretty fast. I wished and wished for snow on Christmas Eve but not a chance in "fill in blank" did it arrive.
on top of that I was batteling a cold that buried itself deep. Even though I turned in early We had a great time celebrating it.

my little tree, if you see closely you can see Shrek and Donkey
in there. A gift from a great friend a few years back.

WildChild #2

and his beloved racetrack!

WildChild #1 one of her "good" poses.
This one is in a fase of not smiling when taking photos....
...hoping it will pass soon! :)

the big tree at my brothers house.
We were happy to see the sun peak through for a few hours before we sat down to eat and wait for Santa to arrive.

More to come later...