August 8, 2011

Cinnamon rolls

*René...this post is for you...*

As a kid I loved the days after school when you were greeted with the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Afternoon snack and a glass of cold milk with it.

*sigh*...those where the days....

Anyway as I got older I moved to U.s.a for a year and had a craving for some swedish cinnamon rolls, called home to get the recipe from my mom and got started. A big disappointment....although they smelled and tasted fairly good, they weren't my Mom's.
Tried them again years later and still couldn't make them like my mom did.

So a few days ago...I had the urge to bake (every excuse to use my little baby) and decided to try the cinnamon roll recipe again. I haven't been more proud of myself than I was today when I pulled out the first batch from the oven.

They....looked and tasted like my Mom's!! Hallelulja!!!! :)

Did a twist to one half of the dough and used Nutella instead of cinnamon and sugar. Yum....

The recipe I won't share...since it is a family least not yet anyway.

If you have a cinnamon roll recipe on hand use it and switch out the cinnamon and sugar and use Nutella instead...