February 17, 2011

its the little things...

...that matters most!!

Guess what?!!!....

I got a little package in the mail...well...sort of! :)
I had to pick it up at my mom's house first, but she got it in the mail...but addressed to me.
This is getting confusing isn't it??


Anywho....I knew I was gettinga package delivered to my mom last week, but with life and all I put it waayyyyy back in my mind. And today when I stopped by for a visit my mom told me I had a package!

Which jumpstarted my brain...with electricity too.

(just kidding on the last part)

This is what was inside the package:
Dragonflies in galore!!! Did I smile or what!!

A very very cute brooch in TURQUOISE!!!!! well and green, and black. :)

The most amazing bracelet I have ever set my eyes on! See the Dragonfly??
And the Turqoise gem ontop??!!

Even the card that came with it had a Dragofly and the colors where right up my ally!

The giver of the beautiful assortments in my gift you ask?! Well I met her 10 years ago at a au-pair meeting playing Put-Put right outside Centreville VA.
Little did I know that she would become one of my Best Friends in life.

Pille, Tänu sõbrale! (I think I got it right...;) )

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