December 4, 2010

random thoughts and a free download

This morning my alarm clock went on a little bit before 7 am. On a day off this is a killer for me! (translation: I like to sleep in!)
I normally don't get up that early on days I am off, unless I have an appointment. This morning was dedicated to laundry. (Santa I wouldn't mind having my own washingmachine)

Little to say I got up, put in  2 loads of laundry and went back to bed! =)

7 hours later, my clothes are washed and put away. Would like to say that someone else took care of that, me! Did get my butt off the bed and couch after a while and put up some more christmas decorations.

And since tomorrow is 2nd Advent I fiddled a bit over at Photoshop and created some Gifttags.
Thought that you would like some too, so Voilá:

Just click on the image to get the bigger size and save on your computer.
Would recommend to use a thicker paper than the normal one for your printer, the cards will be sturdier then. Just cut each of them out and fold in the middle. After you have folded if you have a small circle puncher then punch out a hole in the top left corner. This way you can then adhere it with strings or ribbon.


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