December 5, 2010

hi...My name is Mikaela and I have an addiction

For some it is alchohol...

...for some it is drugs...

....but for me it is sweets and this season it is CRANBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!


But before I show you my recent addiction, would any of you like to engage in a...

Snowball fight??

NO?!! Oh come on!!!

Oh well...I tried...

Now here is what came out of my oven this afternoon....

Would love to say that they magically appeared from the oven and there were no mess at all...
but alas....I can only dream!

Hey Santa?!! I wouldn't mind a little kitchen Elf to help out around the kitchen....:)))

These recipes are divine!!! The biscotti smelled heavenly when they baked and tasted ohh...sooo good!
The shortbread bars are such a treat, if you like a bit tangyiness (is that a word?) with your sweets then give these a try.

The biscotti recipe I found in a cook book over at a friends house...not sure which one.
The Shortbread bar recipe I found over at

If you will excuse me I need to balance out my food intake with some healthystuff...


  1. haha X) read my blog, I follow you.

    and I guess you're addicted to me because my blog name is kranberrie. it made me giggle when i read this post on my dashboard!!!

  2. I was going to say, tanginess is a word, good job! But then I looked it up, and it ain't a word, but then, ain't ain't a word either :-)

    Tanginess is a would-be noun (thing). Tangy is the adjective (describes), but tangy describes something that has tang. Tang is the correct noun, in this case. So the proper usage is to say, "if you like a bit of tang with your sweets..."

    Great post, those treats look delicious and I could almost smell them by your description :-)