December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year and for the last 3 years we spent Christmas Eve at my brothers house.
Packed with people, kids (well they were only 2 but sounded like 10..), lots of food and warmness.

And as usual...I never seem to get all the photos I want from that night. I try every year but always come out short. One major reason is that I am not comfortable taking photos indoors with poor lit lights, mainly cause I don't master it yet. This Christmas however I forgot my proudest possession.... camera!!!

Every year a few of us gather at my place for a quick coffea/tea time before piling in cars towards my brothers house. This year, we were in a hurry and I left my dear camerabag neatly in the hallway.

Had to rush back to get it. Where I go it goes...

Here are a few snapshots from that night:

Hope your Christmas brought lots of laughter and joy!

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