December 21, 2010

in waiting for christmas

Around this time of the year things get pretty hectic and stressful. Luckily I have stayed far away from that as I could.

(not mentioning the trip to the shops yesterday....yuck for crowds!)

The presents are all done, just need to wrap some of them. (sweet)

Christmas candy and sweets are all done! (yum)

And the tree is decorated too! (lovely)

Best part of a tree is that it bring such amazing boké to the photos

 We did have  a few disasters in making of the truffles....

 First off: The kitchen mess....and this is only from one of the 4 batches!

Note to self: don't put a cold pan with chocolate onto a hot will melt...

Truffles are just not easy and fun...but soooo delicious!!

The recipe I made I got from Jamie Oliver:

300 ml cream (I used heavy cream)
300g good chocolate
a pinch of sea salt
a knob of butter (which I forgot in batch 1 and batch 2, 3,4)

+ whatever taste you want
I used clementine zest, orange zest+juice, ground cardamom, grated ginger, liqueor (baileys)

All turned out pretty darned good!! :)

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