July 16, 2010

What I love - Part Four

I truly really do enjoy food...and by the look of me you can tell, sad but true! (good song btw)

Anyway, I am not hiding the fact that I love food nor do I hide that I hate my figure. AND I don't hide the fact that I would love to be one of those who eat and eat and never gain an ounce.
I have to really consider eating too much of anything before I put it in my mouth. I swear it either goes to my hip, thighs, belly or wait for it.....wait...BUTT!

You think that will stop  me?! No, not at all. I just get up early in the morning and sweat those extra pounds off...

Alright enought complaining and on to the food... (starting to get hungry)

Here is just a few of my favorites:

I could live on pasta alone if it didn't end up on my thighs, butt, waist or hips...

Love Pizza, not just any pizza though. The ones I had in Italy were divine!! (mouth is salvating)

Anything that has been cooked on this goes down with a flash! Okay...maybe not anything, but most food goes down. (would love this grill, I mean it has it's own winecooler!!! Neat!)

Applecrumble pie...especially my mom's! Yum...but any fruit pie is okay too.

Everyone who knows me know that I am addicted to this!! Have to have it atleast once a week!

Mouth is now drouling!!

anything that comes from this food chain is absolutely breathtakingly divine. Everytime I go to the States, this is one of the stops I make to or from a shoppingtrip. If I can go everyday for lunch and dinner I would be a happy girl!

But then I would also be a poor and fat girl too...

With this I leave you to a long night of yummy dreams...