July 15, 2010

As I promised...

The weekend was in the theme of Love. A good friend of mine from way, way, way back got married to her Prince on a hot summers day.

The photos are a mix of those done with editing and those who are not.

The lucky two on the church steps.

We are 5 girls who went to High School together and have held contact for oh...some years now. ;)
Kind of amazed on how good we have been, to keep in touch with one another. All from coffea and cookies to christmas cardmaking.

Probably the only photo of me. Yep through the mirror...ehm don't pay any attention to the focus, was talking while doing this. :) Had my hair done that day too, soo going to do that again! So much less stressful...:)

The following day their were brunch served at the Ministers house (aka the bride's father) for all the guests.
There were lots of really good food, good company and a final chit chat with the married couple before they headed on their honeymoon.

And a photo shoot of my best friends family...;) (everysecond counts)

All for now...

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