July 26, 2010

just for me

I did this crazy thing...or maybe it wasn't that crazy?!

I am a person who don't really put myself first, and just pretty much always put my dear and loved ones first. Making sure that they are okay and fine and I come last in the line. In other words I don't do that much for myself...not often anyway. :)
But this year for my birthday I promised that I would treat myself to something nice. Didn't matter if it were a new pair of shoes, spa treatment, a leisurely trip somewhere...just anything that I wanted and wouldn't feel guilty of buying. (yeah...weird to feel guilty by shopping right, but that is me in a nutshell!)

So I thought long and hard, the guilty side of me kept looking for stuff that I really needed but hadn't bought yet. The other side of me...we shall call her the Devil, cause she really went out there I tell you. ;)

Eventually the two came together and thought of this:

A camera bag that looks like a handbag!!! Have been secretly coveted this for months and decided to buy one. The "guilty" side of me had hard time to say yes to this purchase but the "Devil" finally wore her down. :)

Absolutely love this bag!!! All sorts of pockets and the inside is even better, all lined with a Turqoise color fabric!! And adjustable walls. Love it love it!!

You would think that this was it...right?! No...somehow the "Devil" side of me couldn't stop itself and during our trip to Stockholm in late june I also purchased this:

I were in one store to just look and discovered that they didn't have the 50 mm that I wanted so I pretty much said that was fate and left it to that. It wasn't the time or place to buy one at that time....or so I thought...

On our way home from the Shopping spree, I (the driver) went on my gut feeling and went to a different store to just see if they had the 50 mm. And some 30 minutes later I walked out with the lense (which were cheaper than the other store btw)!

Lets just say I did go a bit overboard....:)

But....I am loving them both!