June 14, 2010

sunshiny day!!!

I only asked for sunshine today nothing else...and guess what.....
The Sun shone the entire day and is still going!!!! 

Nevermind the cold...all I wanted was the sun to peak through! :)

And no...just because the sun came out today I didn't put on shorts, tank top and flip-flops!! (not that I would ever to that) But there were some crazy people out and about town today that did.

(I froze for them)

Anywho....I strolled/biked into town today to get some supplies. One of the items on my list were to get a dress. Mind you, I am not the dress person and when I go look for one I am oh so picky!
So there I was in this store with 10...yes 10 dresses on my arm and went into the dressing room for an adventure.

Did find out the colors for me...blue and gray!! They really made my eyes pop out. (a small sidebit info)

So 10 dresses in and 2 went to the finals....

....and this one followed with me home! It ends just above the knee and is very slimming! Good thing is that I don't have to chip for air when I wear it. haha
Now all I need to do is find a turquise or kobolt blue bolero type thing. Or a schal maybe....hmm...

I really wanted on other dress too...but sadly they didn't have it in the color I wanted...:(
Or maybe that was fate??!

So this is the dress I will be wearing for a upcoming event, cause I only were dresses for events.

Which reminds me...I should probably go take it up from the bag and hang it up.