June 10, 2010

Another one to my list

I know...I know...I should be in bed by now but I just had to share this important bit of news with you!! :)) How rude would I be for not telling....??!!!!

very rude....I think....

Ohh...you want to know the news?!! Why didn't you just say so! ;)

I just got home from the movies and saw this movie:

I was born in the 80's and grew up watching this when it was on tv, loved it then and love it now!

If you love bad ass attitude, sharp minds, a ton of action, lots of explosions and Bradley Cooper without a shirt?!!! Then I can guarantee you will love this!

Can't wait for the Dvd release....or the sequal....if there will be one....

..One can dream, can't she?! :)

Night night people

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