May 19, 2010

The Goal

Tomorrow is my day off this week and I have a plan or several so to speak, it all depends on what weather the Weatherman will bring.

(sidenote....I apologize for any misspelling that will accur...really tired over here)

Anyway, back to my plan.

Plan 1:
Go up early or moderately early and go for an hour of Powerwalk.
Eat breakfast on my balcony. (again Mr.Weatherman must comer through for me)
Hang up my curtains that my mom nicely sewed for me.
Clean up my workstation and shoot photos for a upcoming post.
Vaccum the floors and do the Dishes.
Figure out some Future posts to post here.
Take my camera out for a leisurely walk.
Somewhere in betweeen all the above I need to eat and shower.
Make dinner and relax for the Hockey game by 8 pm.
Got to bed

Plan 2:
Go up whenever I wake up.
Do some sort of exercise at home.
Eat breakfast.
Hang up curtains.
Visit a few friends.
Clean up Workstation and shoot Photos.
Eat and shower somewhere in the day.
dinner and Hockey at 8 pm.
11 pm Bedtime!

Now it all is up to my head tomorrow and shoulder, and Mr.Weatherman!

So we will see what will come.

And with that note...I am off and am going to bed!