May 20, 2010

The Progress

Be prepared for a long post! :)

You all know when I started the remodeling of my Craftstation right?!?! Well I am not quite finished yet, still have the little details left.

As you can see...still some left to do! (click on the photo for enlargement)
I have divided my station in two, one for the computer (left) and one for crafting (right). Since I share my station with my Tv in my livingroom I don't have that much options, but I like it so far.

The black/white cabinet on the left is going, just haven't gotten rid of it yet. (yes E it is yours) :)

On each side of my crafting side I have these Cubbies that have 5 drawers each.

The main reason for the cubbies are that I get tons of storage right where I am and leave the desktop free from clutter. I can stretch out quite a bit and still create.

Still need to re-organize the desktop a bit though, but I am liking it so far! :)

There you go...the Progress of my Workstation!