May 17, 2010

Cardmaking step by step

I have decided that I would share my "talents" (which aren't talents really...just pure luck) to the rest of you out there who either Scrapbook or do make Cards.

In other prepared for a long post! :)

And please bare with me...wasn't easy shooting and creating at the same time. Plus to remember to shoot after I did one section of the creating....think I need an assistant!

Anyway here goes:

I have a love for Ranger Products, Distress pads and Perfect Pearl. So here is how I do a normal card step by step.

First I start of with a Tag or a plain white paper cut to size.

I then choose two shades from my stash of Distress Inkpads and begin with the lighter shade.
I move in circular motions using a foampad (a makeup sponge will work too), applying as much as I feel is okay.
Then I take the darker shade and apply that in a circular motion around the Tag to create a depth.
After I am done with the Distress Inkpads I blend water and Perfect Pearl powder in a little spray.
You only need a knifetip of powder in the bottles I have.

I then spray the Tag to get a shimmer look to it.
This is a golden shimmer.

I have a heatgun to warm up and dry the Tag after I have sprayed it with Perfect Pearl.
(using a regular hairdryer works too)

Not sure if you can see it here, but this is the Shimmer look I was talking about above.
After it is all dried up I stamp the Tag with whatever design i feel like.
I use the darker shade of Distress inkpads for this one.

Here is a sample of the finished Tag.
I made one in blue aswell to show you the versatilty of using these products.

I cut the eylelet part of the Tag off before I mount it on a card. You can leave it on, but I usually cut it off.

Here are the finished cards!
All done in under 30 minutes, with the shooting and all. :)

I sometimes add flowers or a ribbon to the card, but on these I just used some White Pearls to give it some pop and chalked the sides with a brown distress inkpad.

All you need is a bit of imagination and you can go far!


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