April 13, 2010

Shrek Ornaments

Today was one of those days that you just wished you would have stayed in bed...All day!
No...not for me...had to go to work and every muscle and then some screamed at me no!!!! My body is oh so sore after yesterdays shenanigans.

Why did I ever want to change the tires again....?? Oh yeah...we have a law over here that says if you don't switch before a certain date you will get a fine! (why do we have laws?!) :)

Anyway, the day couldn't have gone slower as it did. And when the clock was 3.15 pm I was out of there and headed home for some quick legwaxing and shower. Got to my frontdoor and beside it was a parcel...first I wondered why did the postman just leave it there. But then....

...then I saw where it was from and my heart lifted and the aches and pains disappeared!!
It was from the other side of the Atlantic from some very good friends. Couldn't have teared it open quicker than I did....and then....

....I laughed hard and got a bit tearful, and smiled from ear to ear.

I got my Christmas present from last year and I belive a Easter present aswell! My God did I like it all....and yes I did devour some of the candy already! :)
The Bathsalt came in handy after my appointment at my Chiropractors.

Kent, René, Meaghan and Thomas.....THANK YOU!

Love you guys!


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