April 12, 2010

Why make plans?

This is what I had planned for Today:

  • go for a walk
  • go grocery shopping
  • make the bed with fresh sheets
  • buy new sneakers
  • buy wine
  • call a friend for a "coffea-break"
  • upload the photos from yesterday
  • start the cards I have put on a backburner'
  • make dinner and lunch for tomorrow
And just relax and enjoy the sunshine on my day off!

Now THIS is what really happend:
  • Went for a walk (not that long since my knee made some complaints aswell as my feet)
  • had breakfast, got a call from Mom...
  • went over to her place to switch tires on my brothers car....(from winter to summer tires)
  • washed his car (am driving it so little I can contribute) or barely washed it. (boring)
  • washed my other brothers car, since they graced us with their presence.
  • watched two WildChilds!!! (one on a bike the other on a car)
  • entertained two WildChilds!!
  • took down my mom's ehh...in swedish: Växthus. Not sure what it is called in English...gardenhouse, small nursery...ehh...anyway
  • drove home to shower and get cleaned up
  • went and got my sneakers
  • made dinner and half of the lunch for tomorrow. (might just buy something tomorrow)
The relaxing part of the day well...did spend the most of it outside in the sun, but if it was relaxing or not...is disputable! :)

Have photos but my cell-phone won't let me download them to the computer.
Will leave that for another day!


got the download to work!!

Guess what...Spring is here!!!

Now I am going to tend to my aching back and knee....


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