April 14, 2010

As promised

I promised my sister i would blog about her today! (I know...greedy little bastard) :)

NOW if she will like it, I don't know. ;)

Easter weekend my grandparents came down from Stockholm to spend some qualitytime with us down here on the WestCoast of Sweden. Believe it or not...the weather turned out great all weekend....and on top of that it was my weekend to work. YUCK! Can literally say that every weekend I work the weather is great, and when I am off it is raining! No luck for me...

Okay back to my sister....

Well anyway this weekend my mom wanted either her or me to go ontop of her veranda roof and tighten some screws, cause there were water coming in. I looked at my sister and pointed to my knee....and inside I SMILED!! (I know...I am a terrible sister, but who cares!) ;)
So up she went and I can say that I have never had a better laugh!

Since I was the one holding the ladder, I couldn't get a decent photo of the "activity".
But these are what I got:

On the way up...think she is looking for the spider she saw before she climbed up.
(note: she stood for a good 10 min before climbing up after that)

Here she is on the roof, tightening some screws and not liking the rest of
us who were laughing at her expense! :)

But she did it though...CUDO's for her! :)