April 18, 2010

Peaceful Weekend

I can say that this weekend has been far away from Peaceful, but then on the other hand I have never been so relaxed in a long...long time! :)

It all started Friday after work.
See I have for a long time now dreading to get to my balcony. Since the long winter it has taken it's toll and well it looked like a graveyard. Dead leaves and dead flowers in the pots  etc etc...

So I decided that enough was enough and get to it.
Friday after work it all happend or started. Got some trash bags and got to work...
Threw the oh so dead leaves and plants into the trashbags. (which were the only thing I had on the agenda)
But then...I remembered that I haven't swept underneath the wood planks for a while...so I started that too. Now my balcony isn't big at all and I am 6 stories up...so a little tight to get any work at.
I swept and cleaned and layed down the planks again and felt really proud!

Then my back started to make it precence known...and I felt less proud. :)

Saturday I woke up early, before my alarmclock actually. (weird I know)
I did a few loads of laundry, between 7 am to 11 am. After that I went out to do some errands.

Remembered that I haven't oiled in the wood planks on my balcony so i stopped to get some, and grocerys and man was the store packed with people!! Never again I am telling you, never again!!
Got home and put on first coat of high grade oil on the planks and did some other must do's around the apartment.

Ended the day with homemade Pizza, wine and finally some Popcorn....
....mmm yummy...

(the best microwave popcorn ever)

Today I got up early and went for a walk...brisk one cause it was really windy!! Brrr...
Then got around to do the second and final coating of oil.
Decided to go and buy some new plants and herbs to fill my empty pots, and came home with just half of what I wanted. Guess the season isn't quite blooming yet....

No photos to show as of now...but will post one or two when I have some.

Think I am going to tend to my glass of wine and Bones