April 22, 2010

Gym hall and Tutu's

Earlier on this week I got invited to see my best friends daughters Ballet recital and I tell you...there were a lot of Tutu's. (hmm not sure of the name there, but it is the skirt I am referring to)

A oh so nervous little lady. They were all soo cute, with their pink uniforms.
Do give credit to the Rebel to the right....bright pink tights....GO GIRL! :)) Can you belive the group pressure in the group?!?! All wearing white tights and be the only one in bright pink?! (applauds)

Little sissy wanted to join in the fun aswell. (give it a few years Sugar)
Although I am not sure if she thought what the ballerinas were doing were more fun or when her mom dragged her back by the legs! :)

Miss Ballerina with her teacher, posing as real Ballerinas do. :)
And as a real Ballerina it is only proper to get flowers after the recital too, you shouldv'e seened her face when she got not just one but TWO pink roses!

Leaving you all with the dreams of a little Ballerina, for I...am taking the weekend off....to do some fun!