April 26, 2010

Monday monday...

what does monday mean to you?
For me...well it is a new day to a new week, it brings me sadness to know that I have to work this coming weekend....yuck, it means that the days go faster...wanted the weekend to be long!

Monday is one of those days that we could just skip altogether. I mean why not start it on a Tuesday or something...??!!

Anyway... the weekend turned out great. Was off friday to Sunday and was much needed.
Took a little daytrip down south to Skåne and a scrapbooking store down there. A lot of fun and need to go back and really take some photos. (not that I didn't bring my camera...but the timing wasn't really the best one)

All in all took it really easy and laid back, and somehow spent money like crazy! (oatmeal for dinner this month!) :)

Did do some thinking on a topic though...a topic i have thought of before but never really put much though to. (you still with me??!)    
I need to practice my photo skills and improve my learning and the only way to do so is to shoot photos! (I mean if you do your math that is...)
But in order to do so I need volunteers...

So....is there anyone who would like to be a model for a few hours or so?? I won't charge for my time and you will get the photos on a CD to do whatever with. All I want is the privilege to put a few up on my Photography blog and to practice my skills.
Oh and you would have to live within a vicinity of Halmstad, Sweden would be great too! :))

Let me know via e-mail if you are interested to be a model (mikaelalindman@yahoo.com)

Over and out

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