March 7, 2010

denying the protests from my knee

After my laundry were done today I ventured outside and of course I brought my camera along....(don't think he would have forgiven me if I didn't) A grumpy one I tell you.

Didn't take long before my knee started to protest and my ears...they went on and on about me forgetting my hat! I mean, give it a rest! Tried telling them that my knee would have made me stay at home if I went back and got the hat. Did they listen?!?! NOO....
My knee started to protest more and more, so finally it hurt whenever I put my foot down on the ground. Such babies!! It was a glorious day, sun was/is shining and the temperature was perfect!

Did get some revenge to Mr.Knee....spotted this pile of snow and saw a pair of Icicles (probably misspelled) and thought to myself....Photo OP!! :) So down we went, my knee and I. He didn't like it one bit I tell ya, but I stuck with my goal and out of that came this:

Spring is around the corner, people!!! If you haven't been outside for some soul searching then do! After my revenge plan mr. Knee got worse, his way of paying me back! Not nice if you ask me, since he was the one who started the whole thing. But we ended up having a little chit chat and we agreed that if he stopped complaining, then I would let him rest on the sofa tonight!

He shut up quite fast after that....

My ears....well they realized they were defeated and well just went along for the rest of the ride.

To next time...

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