March 13, 2010


is a big word around these parts...particulary in my home. The last year or so I haven't really found any inspiration for creating, if I have it has been somewhat suppresed (not sure it it is the correct word).

Last weekend I wanted to create something, but didn't get the feel for it when I sat down at my desk! hit me...and it hit me fast. My Creative corner wasn't all that inspiring!

(wondered why it took me so long)

Took one big look at my desk and started to find a solution to it all. Then I literally saw a lightbulb come on....yep I did! :) Took some measurments and browsed the Ikea catalog and came up with a mindblowing design. And then it happened... memory came too, I mean yeah it is great that my memory do work....But why doesn't it work when I need it too and not when I don't want it! (bummer)

I had made myself a promise, that I wouldn't go off and buy anything else until I buy a new bed! Let's just say that buying a new bed and coming up with a new design area for myself were'nt in the budget.
So back to the drawing board for me.

Not for long though....(smiling), I took a look at my finances and did some math (easy one, since I hate math), and found out that I could afford both! YESSSSS!!

So here are a befor shot:
It was literally a corner for inspiration!

and here is how it looked after coming home from Ikea:

still some stuff up, can say that my back didn't like me after all of this!

There you have the before and during shots of my new inspirations corner! What I have left are some organization to do and decorations! :) Almost there!!

Will post more photos later on!


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