March 6, 2010

soon...very soon

my workspace/creative space is going to be transformed!! yeay!! That has been one of my trouble areas and has been my reason to want to move. I know...sad but it is true! The one thing that has been keeping me from doing it sooner is that I needed to get a new bed first. (which has been neglected at times)

But now!!! I can afford a new bed as well as a new work space, all the nick nacks I already is the furniture I need to get. So I have this wall to the right as you enter my livingroom area, which is where my workspace will be. it is 4 meters long and about 60 cm deep (from the door).
Can't draw the idea for you, but will show some photos on what I want....

This desk is 2 meters long and the storage underneath is great!!
So one of those will be joining my new furniture..
Then I will be getting a desk like this but it will be 2 meters long aswell

The shelf below I already have, well 3 actually! :)
But they will go above the workspace/desks for additional storagespace
On top of the shelves above I have these cute black storagebins (which are actually for CD's but hey...use your imagination, people!!) In here I have all sorts of nick nacks.

Then for the wall above the shelves I will get the letter M in all sorts of sizes and variety to use as art. Might pop in a photo or two...not sure yet. But this side of my project will take longer, cause I want to keep it as an art piece and since my budget won't allow me to buy so much.

The reason for almost all of it to be white is because I have a tiny room and this will keep it nicely light. Will add decór in different colors to pop things up a bit.

So any helpful tips for where I can find Letters in wood, castiron etc etc...drop a line in the comments section!! And all the furniture above are from number one furniture place.