January 4, 2010


I have to just tell you this....the other night I was zapping through the channels trying my hardest to find something worth while to watch. And stopped on the Comedy Central channel....and there was this stand up show with this comedian. Figured that I would watch and listen for a while...mind blowing!!! I laughed real hard and totally fell for the guy!

Dane Cook is his name, apparently he is quite famous....not that I have ever heard his name before...but what do I know...right?! Well anyway, he is totally brilliant, funny to say the least. (ehmm....yeah he is a comedian, but there are those that aren't funny alright).
And it didn't hurt that he was an eye-candy aswell....ouch...he looked fine I tell you.

Won't post a photo of him here....sorry ladies!! :)) But google Dane Cook and then take a look yourself. And if you want to laugh some, then either hit one of his shows or check out Comedy Central Channel....whenever he is on there.

Alright, back to normal life and printer installation....(boring)