January 5, 2010

snow is falling on .....

the treetops as we speak! It is a Winter Wonderland outside, nice to be inside then I tell you. :)
Got my movies today, so as soon as I am finished here I will make dinner and pop one in!
But first I need to wrap my niece b-day present and make a card!....yieks....why am I always so late with the cards....hmm...will just do an easy one. Why bother...lets face it...she won't care at all!! :)

Update on knee....it hurts like a......(fill in the blank with whatever word you feel fits) :)

List on things to do (a reminder to myself):

  • take down christmas decor
  • put more stuff on tradera to sell
  • clean up my desk
  • finish off any projects that are on my desk
  • start my paintings
  • start my wall calendar
  • figure out what wall decor will replace the christmas tree
  • write e-mails