January 4, 2010

HP printer

Well...back from the doctors appointment and I now have another month to just hang out here at home. Am on sickleave until mid february, and knee rehab or what you call it.
Still have a cold, it is getting better but oh so not fun at all! Luckily it happens know and not when I get back to work.

And I got a new addition to my HP computer set...a new printer....not that it was in my budget but needed one badly. My old one started to act up and now it doesn't print anymore :(. Very sad, he had been in my family for oh...5 years now or so. Not one problem at all during that time and now he just said that this is it!
Luckily he still have some function to him, he is going to my sisters retirement home and help her out wich certain areas such as, scanning documents and such. (which is pretty much all he can do)

I will certainly miss him, and wish him good luck!

(no...I am not this crazy....just a tad bit more ;)) )