December 21, 2009

snowsledding, smell of hospital and no sleep....

Guess where I spent the last oh 5 hours or so?!?!?
NO one??
Come on....:)

Well I have spent those hours in the Emergency room, yeah...and the story there is well not that long really! But it all began yesterday when I went home to my mom's house to spend some quality time.
My brother Per and his girlfriend where home for the holidays, and my niece spent the night at my mom's so we all had a big day. Baked Gingerbread cookies, watched Shrek a dozen times and then we decided to go out and play in the snow.

The idea was to play in the backyard, but we ended up at our little ski slope. Had a blast until it happened....I fell and my leg got caught to the sled and I actually did a twirl in the air. (see...I told you I had some grace in me ;)) Heard a snap and fell onto the ground with an aching knee....oh it bloody hurt! We then had to walk all the way home, luckily my brother walked by me and supported me.
Came home with a swollen knee, had one and a half knee instead of one. Spent the night at my mom's, hoping the swelling would go away the next morning....but no luck there!

So today we went to the emergency room, after little sleep last night and now I smell like a hospital...yuck.
All is well, no broken bones just a sprain to my knee ligature or what it is called. Need to get a "thing" to wrap around my knee to support when I walk. Cruthces and pain is good.

And on that note, I need to go to bed and put my leg up.

Over and out

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